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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this morning. they started to search last night but rescue crews refused to give up. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where police have released evidence they say proves officers acted appropriately when they shot and killed a man over the weekend. >> here is a live look from the roof cam. you can see the wind blowing and the clouds taking over the bay area. we see the warming trend is on the way for some, on hold for others. i'll tell you about it in a minute. >> i'm sue hall, overnight road work that could affect your commute. >> 5:00 on this tuesday, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas this morning. >> right now an all night search continues in the san francisco bay for a wind surfer missing since last evening near the san mateo bridge. nick smith joins us live with this ongoing search for the missing woman. >> reporter: this was the
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command center last night when the search began. they believe the weather conditions will help aid in the search efforts. i want you to take a look at video that was shot. she was 62 years old and she was seen 400 yards offshore known as wind surf park. helicopters and boats were used to search the waters where kathy was last spotted. her husband says she was due back at five thirst, but he became concerned when she did not come back on time. so he called 911. the coastguard was notified of her disappearance about 7:20 p.m. and since that time multiple agencies have launched a nonstop search effort. >> she has a wet suit so that is positive. she has a board that is something she can float on and hopefully stay out of the water. we're trying hard. >> the coastguard joined the rescue crews from san leandro fire and foster city in the
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search last night and they have continued in their efforts last night. a shoreline search from san francisco's hunter's point neighborhood to the bridge is also under way. she is about 5'6" and 130 pounds they say she is an experienced wind surfer. they also believe that the weather will help to aid in the search effort this morning. most recently alameda county pulled out but others are continuing with the search effort. san francisco police are providing more evidence that they say prove a suspect they shot dead over the weekend fired first. police hope it will calm angry neighbors ahead of a meeting tomorrow. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more. >> we've got a recording for you from the police department shot spotter system. you will hear ten shots in a six second period but pay attention
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to the pause between the first shot and the second. >>. [ gun shots ] >> did you har the pause, 1.9 seconds between the first and second shot. they say the evidence first came from the suspect and the pause is the officer's getting into position to fire back. police have also showed a video that was taken by someone at the scene. it shows a gun on the ground. it is near the suspect's body. police have that gun in possession. they are running tests that belong to him and they believe it did. some people are not convinced that police acted appropriately. they are questioning whether the suspect was armed. members of the police commission are asking for calm but the community's outrage is building. >> if the gun falls away from him that is fine but to continue shooting him, it almost looked
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like mass murder. >> we need to know exactly what happened. that is what we're trying to bring to light. >> the man who was killed is 19-year-old kenneth harding. he a parolee out of washington state. he was wanted for questioning in seattle for a shooting that hurt three people and killed a pregnant woman. he had been released from prison and he served time for promoting prostitution with a 14-year-old girl. he ran and fired first and fired over his shoulder as he ran. the police chief here in san francisco is going to hold a townhall meeting tomorrow night in the bay rui district at 6:00. that is tomorrow night. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." a san leandro cop accused of giving more than a pound of marijuana to a 'confidential of
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the confident. he remains free on bail. he served on the san leandro force for nine years. he was most recently serving as a narcotics squad detective and a member of the s.w.a.t. team. >> we are hearing more about a shooting in richmond that may have been caused by a turf battle between north and central ri richmond. two people were killed including her son. her son was shot to death outside a richmond apartment complex. this is the second time she has lost a son to violence. one of eldest of the five sons, or oldest was shot and killed the ten years ago blocks away where her son was shot sunday night. >> there is nothing you can do.
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this doesn't solve nothing, more trouble, more bodies. >> gracie said that he had graduated from a school in oakland and was supposed to at a job interview the following morning. >> an investor accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients faces a bail hearing. they arrested carl miller after a number of people claimed he took their money. he appeared to be a successful real estate investor. he had a 175 clients and clients said it was their money that paid for his lavish lifestyle. >> it's hard, to lose money in the market but when it's basically taken from you, it hurts. it's like having a car stolen. you feel violated. >> he is being held on $416,000 bail. his attorney says he will do everything reasonable within his
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power to make things right. >> they are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire in san jose that displaced ten people. firefighters were called about 7:30 last night. blaze broke out in one unit and quickly spread to two others. it took more than an hour to bring the fire under control. residents had to be evacuated. nobody was home in the third unit and nobody was hurt. >> at&t's attempt to bring out the tv service in san francisco faces a big test today. service will require the installation of hundreds of utility boxes on city sidewalks. opponents say they are unsightly and would attract graffiti. the board also want to require environmental impact report before at&t can proceed that would delay the project for years. at&t says it is willing to reduce the number of boxes and give neighbors considerable say in where they are located.
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>> and driving to work this morning, you can tell in this picture, we got more fog and drizzle but don't worry, mike is going to put a damper on our temperatures today. >> not going to stick around. >> it will hold the temperatures at bay and inland areas will see the warming trend. east bay valleys, we do have fog up in the north bay, santa rosa down to a mile in visibility. you see the lows pulling away. nice northwesterly wind and clear the coast of most of your clouds as we head into the afternoon hours. i am looking at a pretty bright day across the board. 24-hour temperature change, thanks to the cloud cover. only place is down, oakland at 2 san francisco but the same as yesterday. that fog up in santa rosa, mainly mid to upper 50s. fairfield, oakland, concord and half moon bay.
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>> mid to upper 50s along the coast. low 70s at oakland. mid to upper 70s bay shore to near 80 in the south bay and mid 80 alternates east bay valleys. the low mid-80s gilroy and hollister. you see sunshine around monterey bay. accu-weather seven-day forecasts more warming tomorrow and temperatures will hold close to average on sunday and monday and warmer weather is on the way. i ran into a lot of road work this morning. >> your dollars at work folks. they get it done in the overnight hours. we are hoping to have most of it picked up by 6:00 this morning. san jose, find some closures, southbound 101, on-ramp right there at kelly road is closed at this hour. live look at 101 at 880, not at all, traffic is very light. public transit, a quick rundown
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we've got no delays and once again the train coming out of central valley is on time. so far so good today. owning based clorox says no to a takeover offer. the move it's making now. >> and hours to pay a traffic fine, a year and a half to get a divorce? the courthouse cutbacks that will push the limits of the law in san francisco. >> and amazon gets a boost in efforts to kill a tax bill it opposes. >> if you are thinking about buying a small car? why you might want to wait a while.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. $10 billion, that is not enough for the clorox company. they also put in place a poison pill shareholders rights measure that makes the company less attractive. the state attorney general's office has given the amazon the okay to gather signatures to put an initiative to the ballot aimed at killing california's law to collect sales taxes from customers.
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amazon insists it will hurt the company's ability to compete. the tax would generate $200 million a year. budget cuts will affect traffic digits to divorces to lawsuits to make up for state budget cuts. presiding judge says they court is laying off 200 workers and as a result it may take a year and a half to finalize a divorce. lawsuits may take five years to get to trial. it will take several more hours to pay a traffic ticket. >> closed signs will hang on many of our courtroom doors. windows on clerk's offices will be shuttered and civil division will essentially be out of business. >> legislature cut $350 million from the state judiciary budget. san francisco superior court has
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used most of the reserve funds to avoid layoffs. san mateo county faces $2.7 million in court cuts. contra costa county, $3 million and santa clara $6 million but they have some reserve funds left. pg&e going to conduct pressure tests on a natural gas pipeline in san jose. residents have been notified by phone as the utility puts word out they may smell natural gas as it gets vented. it's pressurized as higher levels than normal to make sure there are no leaks. it was ordered by state regulators after the deadly explosion? in san bruno. >> amount ayou may want to wait
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for a few months to buy a small car. the average price is $20,500. they expect prices to fall by $1200 later this year when lower gas prices will reduce demand for fuel efficient cars and they expect japanese automobilesmakers to crank up production. >> we have the double whammy and tsunami in japan and high gas prices. >> today if you have a car, you may get a convertible and put the cap down and enjoy the sunshine. >> not a convert i believe. >> let's take a look outside. good day for sunshine, especially even at the coast today. it's cloudy this morning, most areas, we see the clouds are having a hard time over in the east bay valleys as we look back from mount diablo.
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you can see the first signs of the sun from vollmer peak. let's talk about the temperatures stepping out. we are warmer than yesterday. you see the 50-degree temperatures around antioch, livermore, fremont and san jose, los gatos and everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. watch out for reduced visibility around santa rosa. same thing for watsonville and salinas. temperatures inland in the upper 50s to near 60s. mostly sunny today. warming trend continues inland. clouds will only be at the coast tonight so maybe a little bit cooler but the extra sunshine temperatures will be near average all the way through next week. here we are at 5:00 this morning you see the clouds in the north bay, bay shore and into the south bay but not quite making into the east bay valleys. sun comes up and look quickly
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the clouds retreat back to the coast. then the northwest wind kicks in and north bay is clear and eventually the peninsula may see pockets of sunshine. 60s there, 70s and 80s as you head away from the coast. south bay, 70s and 80s from 76 in sunnyvale and milpitas. 70 in millbrae. mid-60s along the coast today. upper 50s downtown south san francisco. heading into the north bay, 70 in sausalito to 78 in novato to 79 in santa rosa. 68 in richmond. low to mid-70s for the east bay shore. low to uarnl 80s in the east bay valleys. same thing for morgan hill and gilroy and hollister. mid to upper 50s carmel and monterey. 5-0 as we blangsd the dodgers last night.
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cool and breezy first pitch, 61 to 57. -- like he had anything to do with it. he has season tickets so he does pay. 49 degrees in. >> and temperatures in the 50s. we thank you for supporting the giants. accu-weather seven-day forecast, near 90s inland and 80 around the bay, low to mid-80s and mid-60s near the coast. good morning, sue. >> we've got overnight work, still could affect your commute. live look and san rafael. this is southbound 101 headed out of novato a couple stretches of road work, should be picked up by 6:00 this morning. down to one lane when you come out of waldo tunnel. you might find a slowdown, they are doing road work on the north end of the bridge.
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bay bridge this morning, it looks relatively light. smooth sailing as you drive in to san francisco. for all the traffic information, go to, bay area traffic is where you go on the website. next the simple steps they say you can take right now to know your risks for alzheimer's disease. >> and major lifestyle change coming to the man of steel. ngngg
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zblood. good tuesday morning, live look at san mateo bridge, taillights heading west there. traffic is moving okay. and we had to use the windshield wipers across the bridge but very nice day ahead. new research suggests that millions of cases of alzheimer's disease could be prevented if people chose a healthier lifestyle. u.s. researchers says prevention depends on lack of exercise, smoking and obesity. report was at alzheimer's conference found that globally improving education would help by developing the mind there is more mental reserve later in life. >> craters more than 200 miles of earth is in -- 200,000 miles
5:24 am
of earth now available for the visually impaired. it features diagrams of the lunar surface so you can feel the shape of surface. school of the blind in fremont were the first to experience this new. >> hold on here, now, yeah, lois lane and superman are going to splitsville. >> say it ain't so. >> they are relaunching the comic book series and not only will you see a costume change, no more red underwear but superman is a bachelor and lois lane will have a new boyfriend. and reminiscent of ken and barbie broke up.
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so there may be hope for fans of superman and lois lane. >> listen to this one. >> this chihuahua attacked the robber. he was attacking his knee and running robbers down the tleet street. >> he is very easy to get along with. he a friendly. i was shocked to see what he did running across the street was amazing. >> no one was hurt. the thieves did get away with some money but the owner says it could have been much worse for paco. >> next at 5:30.
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an all nate search for a missing 62-year-old bay area wind surfer. >> there is you'd and video, has san francisco police proven that their officers were justified in killing a man over the weekend? >> next at 5:30 a grilling on tap for a media mogul, verbal firing squad awaiting rupert murdoch this morning. >> here is a look at hot temperatures across the country. the only area that is going to be mild, near the coast here in california and up towards seattle and portland with low to mid-70s. good news if you are traveling that way, all major airports are running on time. flight tracker is always there for you at
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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where the police department is making the case before a doubt go public that their officers were justified in shooting and killing a 19-year-old man. >> also this morning, coastguard is expanding the search for a missing 62-year-old wind surfer. they are searching along the shore from foster city and beyond. >> good morning to you. here is a look at the clouds we talked about yesterday as we look from mount tamalpais. this will stop the warming trend in some areas. i'll show you those numbers in your neighborhood in a minute. >> i'm sue hall following your commute around the bay. more coming up. and this morning, california senator dianne feinstein will outline a plan for defense of marriage act. she wants to repeal the measure that would take or deny marriage
5:30 am
rights to gay couples. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm kristen sze. >> our top story, gunshots fired, a gun in the street. san francisco police about to release new audio and video. they are hoping to convince the community that officers acts responsibly. amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco with the latest. >> we have new information about the gun that was at the scene. here is some video of it. a witness took this video at the scene. it shows the gun on the ground near the suspect's body. many in the bay view community have been questioning whether the man that was shot was armed but police say here is the proof. but ballistic tests show that it was not the gun that was used in the seattle murder that they wanted to question him on. >> the gun that appears
5:31 am
outwardly to look like the same firearm on the ground but i can't confirm that is, indeed, the same weapon. >> reporter: 19-year-old kenneth harding was just released in prison. he was on parole. he had served time to try a 14-year-old into prostitution. he was wanted for questioning. he was a person of interest in the death of a pregnant woman up in seattle. he was here in san francisco where police are trying to stop him for not paying his muni fare they have a shot spotter system of the ten shots that were fired. you hear the first one and 1.9 second pause before the second shot is fired. they say that is proof that the suspect fired first. the pause is the officers getting into position to fire back. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. search is under way right now for a wind surfer who failed to return from san francisco bay last night. 62-year-old unidentified woman was last seen about 400 yards
5:32 am
offshore near the area known as wind surf park. coastguard and other agencies searched through the night. search crews are looking at possible places where she could have come ashore. the water is cold but she did have gear that made it survivable and she carried a handheld radio but no distress calls were reported. >> friends a of a petaluma man that are among the missing fishermen men in baja california. mexican navy and coastguard called off the search last week. they have raised $14,000 and that money will be used to hire a private deep water dive team. >> oakland city council is considering a plan to increase the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from four to eight.
5:33 am
oakland tribune reports that a legal firm has revised the city's plan to license and regulated large scale pot farms. it includes amending the ordinance approved by the council last year to create a system where the city's dispensaries will only get their marijuana from the city's pot farms. last year state and federal authorities say they could bee be facing arrest by federal officials. >> jury selection is under way in federal court today. he was arrested and loss his job as a police officer after admitting that he passed on information to a hells angel. they indicted that he illegally supplied confidential information to pay off a debt. the lawyers say the case is overblown and not some grand conspiracy with the hells angels.
5:34 am
bettancort will be tried separately and could be sentenced to life. >> to block a november ballot measure to block male circumcision in san francisco. they would make eight misdemeanor. there would not be religious exceptions. jewish and muslim groups are suing to invalidate the measure. in a court brief they argue it would bar doctor's normal practices that includes circumcision. >> senator feinstein will launch a war on the ban on gay marriage. they are trying to repeal the defense of marriage act. it defines marriage as union between man and woman and bans gay marriage. earlier this year obama administration say it would no longer defend the law in court. feinstein's proposal could make
5:35 am
same-sex marriage a big issue in the 2012 election. >> look over our shoulder, the fog is here and interfering with the visibility somewhat. >> but to keep our warm temperatures a little bit overnight. >> temperatures are up this morning. good morning to you. up to 1-9 degrees thanks to the blanket effect the clouds create. record rainfall totals in ui rekak .2. we have a small area of high pressure, fast theest winds at 13 at sfo. everybody else around 3-6 miles. south wind at 3. you see the fog forming there and visibility down to quarter of a mile right now. here is a look at this hour temperature change. everybody warmer and oakland is 2 degrees cooler. 8:00 we'll see a lot of clouds around the bay but not inland to
5:36 am
the east bay valleys. temperatures are holding in the 50s and 60s. by noon, clouds are back to the coast and we'll start to see clearing up along the north bay coast. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco. 64 in oakland, 65 in san rafael and low to mid-70s for the rest of us. by 4:00, everybody is seeing sunshine and more is developing along the coast with mid-50s and san francisco. low to mid 70s around bait. mid to upper 70s in the north bay and low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. warming trend continues tomorrow for everybody. could be warmer even next sunday and monday. we're going to go to the peninsula. we've got problems reported at the off-ramp for fo with a you will stall. fortunately it's not blocking 101 southbound but that off-ramp is blocked until they get that out there. walnut creek, southbound 680 is looking pretty good. no problems here. this is southbound direction as you can see headed toward north
5:37 am
main and 24 junction. we've got road work if you are traveling past the stone valley road or sycamore valley road, al costa they are being intermittently shut down because of road work. 5:37 right now. >> tea party gets a chance to push its plan to ease the nation's debt crisis. still ahead the cut, cap and balance measure on collision course with the white house. >> next, a deal you can find if you try it local.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. house is expected to approve a tea party backed plan to cut, cap and balance the federal budget. on would let the government borrow $2.4 billion only after congressional approval and amendment to balance the budget. the plan is not expected to get far and president has promised to veto it if it did. they have been warned they need to come up with plan or face the prospect of an international crisis. shops in concord are enticing customers with a deep discounts on a new website.
5:41 am
with savings up to 90% who shot and eat close to hope. laura anthony has more. >> reporter: the city of concord has cooked up a new way to bring local customers in the door. its website called try it local. the idea deep discounts for customers to buy prepaid vouchers online from everything from a local meal to merchandise and local area retail stores. >> some are 48 hours and everyone who buys the deal will get an e-mail with a coupon. >> the owner of his shop is offering $30 worth of food with the purchase of $15 voucher. >> we track all of our advertisements and we will see our return on how we do. i'll tell you, if it's one extra person, that is a success. >> each deal is available for
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purchase for two days. the customers can purchase the vouch every and download. >> it there are lots of coupons out there, a lot of them use them where there is multiple location. we only have one location so we thought we would give it a try. >>. you got a story about a company that couldn't get enough deals, enough customers to come in. >> sad chain of borders bookstore. >> and british lawmakers prepare to grill rupert murdoch about the phone hacking scandal. that you allegations facing tabloid reporters. >> the scorching wave continues. i'll have details coming up. >> also a final farewell to the space shl shuttle atlantis. >> and a neighborhood takes
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here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. notice how quiet it is. hopefully we'll be rain free today. a little drizzle around the coast. 73 and sunshine around big sur.
5:46 am
80s chico and 86 in l.a. palm springs, 112 today. sunshine in tahoe at 75, san diego the same, 77. in london right now an emergency house of commons hearing is underway. members of parliament have been questioning paul stevenson the chief of scotland yard who ho resigned over the scandal. his second in command an assistant police chief resigned yesterday. he said he did nothing wrong but thought he needed to resign. >> even though they don't feel they did anything wrong but willing to walk away when it might interfere with their discharge of duties. >> murdoch, son james and
5:47 am
rebecca brooks, former chief of executive of the newspaper operations will be telephoning this morning about an hour from now. they announced an inquiry into police media relations and possible corruption. >> the spais shuttle left the international space station for the last time. the crew of four are due back on earth thursday morning, left behind a year's worth of supplies and left the space station crew with a shuttle model and u.s. flags that flew on the first shuttle mission. it will mark the end of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. >> heat wave gripping the midwest is likely to spread to the east coast. 17 states have watches and voices posted. and it's not a dry heat. >> much of the heat is centered over areas still drying out after massive spring floods.
5:48 am
all that surface water is evaporating adding high humidity to triple-digit humidity. almost three-quarters of texas is in an exceptional drought. here is what it looks like now. in neighboring oklahoma, ponds are drying up forcing farmers to move their fish by hand to save them. parts of oklahoma set a record for water use. more than 200 million gallons. they say if the heat continues, they will have to set water restrictions. >> our main message is use water wisely. >> travelers in minnesota were stuck after concrete buckled. it's started to hit new york city but workers say the conditions are excruciating. >> it's very hot. >> it's so hot. over hundred and something. >> there is little relief in sight.
5:49 am
they are expecting it to last through the end of the week. the dry windy conditions produced a huge dust storm in phoenix, arizona. a gigantic cloud pushed by 50 mile-an-hour winds. this is not old video, this is from night. it brought traffic to a crawl, which is good. this is second huge dust storm in two weeks. >> and it makes a visual impression but this one was moderately scare. >> it was rolling in and you could see it cover house by house like a monster. >> day turning into night with that one. >> heat wave, and 40 states high school high school above 90 yesterday. 14 states had highs above 100 yesterday. when you bring the humidity. >> index is running from 115 to 120 in the shade. >> it puts in it perspective.
5:50 am
let's take a look at the cool weather right now as we look from sutro tower. you can see the well-defined marine layer clouds. good norng morning. we take another perspective, there you go from underneath we're looking from roof cam and you can see a little bit of a breeze. see how hard it is for us to view the top of the bay bridge. it gives you an idea how thick the clouds are. 'th is around the bay shore. up land we had fog to contend. santa rosa, down to quarter of a mile and clouds haven't made to the east bay valleys. a lot of temperatures in 50s and low 60s. we are warmer than yesterday. around the monterey bay, fog around watsonville and salinas. cloudy conditions for santa cruz. so first highlight we will see sunshine everywhere today. because the clouds hanging around the bay most of the warming will take place in the
5:51 am
inland neighborhoods where the warming trend will continue. clouds mainly at the coast tonight. so it will be cooler tonight but with the extra sunshine, look for the warming trend tomorrow and through the weekend. maybe even hotter weather for next week. one degree cooler in oakland and san francisco. san jose 4, redwood city 6 degrees cooler than average. dublin the cool spot in east bay valleys, 82 degrees. brentwood, at 87. over on the east bay shore, richmond at 68. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. 80 degree temperatures, campbell saratoga. san jose around 79 degrees. 70 at millbrae. 80 in los altos. low to mid-60s along coast today. upper 50s in downtown san francisco. look at santa cruz, 70.
5:52 am
a string of 70s to 79 in santa rosa. 68 in monterey. low to mid-80s inland. giants got ten hits last night. just going to give you the forecast. cool and breezy but temperatures 6157. >> here is a look at seven-day forecast. we are going to see a warming trend in most areas as we head through the weekend and into early next week low to mid-80s around the bay and mid-60s at the coast. >> i don't think she is a dodgers fan. >> drive times around the bay area. because of the road work there, 12 minutes from highway 37 into central san rafael. lone tree down to 4, 18 minutes.
5:53 am
manteca livermore, looking good, 22 minutes. let's take a look at san rafael, live shot for you, got overnight road work being picked up in just a few minutes. this would be northbound direction, otherwise the traffic southbound is flowing well. bay bridge toll plaza is light. metering lights remain off as you head into san francisco. for all the latest traffic information, go to and click on bay area traffic on the left side of your computer screen. liquidation sales at borders may start as early on friday and more on rupert murdoch battle. good morning to you. sales of borders could start as early on friday. they wanted to improve the sale of bookstore chain, if approved the final chapter will involve closing the remaining stores. in the meantime, if you are doing back to school shopping, check out a walmart.
5:54 am
they show the back to school prices is cheaper than target 59% of the time and cheaper than k-mart 94% of the time. >> the phone hacking scandal at news corp continued to grow. they are considering elevating an employee to chief executive but they wanted to see what the committee does first. some of his properties and should mention bank of america and better expected quarterly results but mortgaged related costs has run up the biggest loss ever. cisco announcing 6500 job cuts and the sale of a planted in mexico. we did have a lower close on stocks and lawmakers may not reach a deal. gold surge ago record high on that concern. at the new york stock exchange,
5:55 am
i'm jane kings with the bloomberg business report. >> bart leaders are denying reports that muni's chief is in the running for a bart general manager. nathaniel ford left muni after intense criticism about his leadership. reports indicated that he was on a short list of candidates to fill the post vacated by dorothy dugger but bond members would not speak and they say the reports are wrong. they have a closed session today and tomorrow to discuss it. >> leland yee of san francisco is trying to stop pay raises at public universities after students are reeling from tuition increases. the new san diego president makes $100,000 more and another one got $1200,000 raise. the bill would ban such increases during lean budget years. >> to focus on why you are here,
5:56 am
why you are in the position you are, that is to help our students become the very best, not for you to get rich. >> the presidents as a whole of the system, they are lagging about 52% for a comparable institution. >> there is supported in the public for his bill. some say university presidents shouldn't be getting raises at a time when working class parents are not. >> they will take safeway plan in rockridge district and bring it issue up tomorrow. the supermarket would be upstairs and parking under ground. some local merchants say they are worried about the new supermarket will put them out of business. >> i think really truthfully by the time my kids -- >> it will not have an negative impact.
5:57 am
we hope the building will enhance it. >> other supporters say the same that the store will enhance the neighborhood. >> just ahead, new offer that could save college students thousands of dollars on school textbooks. >> and the cuts that mean getting a divorce in san francisco will take you year and a half and more and other counties are considering the same plan. >> i'm nick smith live in foster city, you can see a search from helicopter from the coastguard where they are actively looking for a wind surfer who went missing last night. the search has expanded and continues. i'll have a live report coming up after the break.údúdúdúdúdúdd
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